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Al Gomes, along with his collaborator A. Michelle, is the father of Big Noise Now, an worldwide artist development and music production company. Big Noise Now has been responsible for the release of more than 250 recordings of various musical styles. They have supervised each and every recording from conception to closing including assisting musicians with financial support, hands-on A&R direction in the studio, selection of the musician's material, artistic production management of recording package, producing of completed CD, and distribution commercialising of the final material.

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11 South Angell Street
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Al Gomes was component part of the staff that assisted launching Christina Aguilera's career. After Christina Aguilera was revealed by his good partner and friend Steve Kurtz, Al Gomes worked as Manager of Marketing and Online Entertainment for Christina Aguilera and her society, Three Wishes Productions, Inc., serving as her webmaster and publicizer, also being her biographer and archivist, and helping on her marketing and promotion staff. Additionally, Al Gomes has made two singles for Christina Aguilera ( 'What A Valentine Wants' and 'Holiday With Christina' ) and executive produced a #1 dance remix of her single 'What A Girl Wants' for RCA/BMG Records.


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